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National Book Week Costumes (October 2012) 

King Arthur
Little Red Riding Hood

 For more details see post here.

For more details see post here.

For more details see post here.

For a second sewing machine project this was perhaps a little ambitious!  I picked up a duvet set from a charity shop and a co-ordinating flannel sheet that I used for the lining.  I followed a pattern from a book, and off I went.  Of course, the pieces were huge, and my cutting wasn't great - both because I didn't have a long enough measuring stick (retractable metal tape measures are not reliable it turns out!) and because I wasn't familiar with the process (the flannel in particular stretched and warped!), but slowly the pieces came together and I was happy with the end result.

Finished and awaiting the birthday girl!

Made from the sleeves and polo neck of a woollen jumper that I loved but shrunk. I sewed the sleeves into a kindle-sized sock using the original cuffs at the top edge.  I resized and sewed in the polo neck into the inside of the back of the sock so that it would fold down over the cuff to avoid the need for any kind of fastening.  

Unfortuately we have managed to break both of the kindles that fit this!  Oh well.

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