Monday, 4 January 2016

The Stowe Bag

I didn't get madly into sewing Christmas presents this year like I have in some previous years, mainly because the lead up to Christmas was so busy, but also because I'm never sure quite how well they go down with the recipients!!  So this year I only made one present - a knitting bag to house a sock knitting project.  I used Grainline's pattern - The Stowe Bag.  

I liked the look of this bag pattern when it came out in November.  It's a small or large bag specifically designed to house knitting projects with some nice internal pockets for all the requisite accessories.  However, I held off buying because it seemed a little pricey in comparison with the rest of the Grainline offering (for example, the PDF is the same price as the Cascade Duffle Coat PDF and the entire Portside Travel Set) and it is just a little bag at the end of the day, with only two real pattern pieces.   I wonder whether the price might have something to do with the fact that this pattern is offered in association with Fringe Supply Co, but there doesn't seem to have been much discussion on that, at least that I've seen so far.  Having now made it up once, I can envisage making a lot of these (production line style!) which will increase the value for money.  I think they'd make good project bags for friends who like other portable hobbies, such as colouring or cardmaking, as well as just a handy bag for all occasions.  

Anyway - when thinking up the 'knitting project' present I couldn't get this bag out of my head, so eventually I bit the bullet and bought it.  It's a very simple make and only took me a couple of short sessions to complete (despite losing one of my cut out pattern pieces and eventually having to cut a new one - thankfully this pattern is economical on fabric.  Still waiting for the original piece to turn up!).  As usual I left it right to the last moment and was therefore applying the binding on my last available evening before seeing the recipient, but no drama!

I used some floral fabric from IKEA to make it up.  This was a remnant I had grabbed on my way through the textile department.  The website says that the design is called Emmie Ros and it is 100% cotton.    It's reasonably thick so I thought it would work ok for this design, although I think in hindsight some sort of canvas would be better and give more structure.   I used some olive green bias binding from my stash that went well with the colour scheme of the fabric.   I think I got this in a job lot from ebay.  I french seamed the side seams to make it all nice and tidy, and I went with the option of sewing the corners to create a flat bottom to the bag.   All in all I was pleased at how professional the finished bag looked, and I had some nice comments expressing surprise that it was actually 'homemade'!  

So there it is - a very simple but effective present-friendly bag pattern.  One I'll definitely be making again.  

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