Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gran-tastic pram blanket!

It's finished!  Took me the best part of 9 months to make it, but it's finished just in time for baby's arrival, and I'm really pleased with it!

I'm particularly pleased with the border which I sort of made up as I went along.  It adds an extra 6.5cm all the way around, extending my rather small granny square blanket (52.5cm x 39.5cm) into a much more respectable 65.5cm x 52.5cm.  It also didn't look finished until I had crocheted the frill.  I experimented with three different sizes of scallop (to treble crochet height, double treble height, and triple treble height) and decided the middle size balanced well with the rest of the design.

My final task was to block the blanket.  Blocking, for those that don't know (which was me until I looked it up!) is a good way of ensuring your finished knitted or crocheted item looks the way it should, cutting down on curly edges and evening out the gauge.  Essentially it involves pinning the item out onto a flat surface in the shape that you want it, either whilst wet and leaving it to dry, or (as I did) dry if you want to steam it with a steam iron or steamer.

And here's the finished product!  Nice to have something handmade and new ready for baby no. 3 to snuggle up in.


  1. you.

  2. What a fantastic blanket Su. I love crocheting too but I'd love to be able to sew some of the things you've made. I'll look you up on ravelry :) Sam


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