Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Learning to sew

As I said in an earlier post, I started learning to sew only two years ago when I inherited Grandma's vintage sewing machine.  I didn't even know how to thread it until my kind and lovely sister-in-law showed me how and gave me some scraps of fabric to practice on.  Since then I have progressed a fair bit, although I'm still learning to master the basics.  This same kind and lovely sister-in-law asked me if I'd include some tips or tutorials on the blog for those just getting started and in need of inspiration.  I'm aware that I'm often making things up as I go along, and there are probably better techniques for those that know them, but I will write up steps for some of my projects where possible, or else link to the tutorials that I used myself.  

For the absolute beginner I'd recommend checking out Tilly's Learn to Sew posts over at Tilly and the Buttons which go right from learning to thread your machine to basic stitching and understanding pattern lingo with lots else thrown in besides.  

I'm also a big one for buying a book - any excuse!  When I got my new machine I bought this one:

It provides loads of information for beginners on all sorts of sewing techniques in the form of 11 workshops, with clear descriptions and lots of pictures.  Each workshop has its own project (complete with patterns where required) to put the techniques into practice, and the author suggests working through them in order to build up your sewing skills.   

There are some cute projects too!  I'm looking forward to making this apron at some point this year.  

On the subject of books, I had a thoughtful Christmas present from that same kind and lovely sister-in-law:

How exciting!  She knows me well!  There are some fab projects inside.  I haven't tried my hand at patchwork since I was a child but this may indeed inspire me to do some hand sewing again after all these years!

Even better, it comes with all these goodies inside!  Enough to inspire and get you started!

Thank you Rach! xx

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