Monday, 7 January 2013

New Blog!

"Who sews crow's clothes?
 Sue sews crow's clothes.
 Slow Joe Crow sews whose clothes?
 Sue's clothes." 
(Dr.Seuss, Fox in Socks) to start a new blog?  I have been enjoying reading a lot [A LOT] of sewing blogs lately, and I love the idea of being able to interact, and having somewhere to record my sewing progress.  

I should state that I am a complete sewing novice.  I have spent most of my life so far avoiding sewing as far as possible (I could sew on a button, or take up a pair of trousers, but given the choice would choose not to!).  However, at the beginning of 2011 I inherited a sewing machine which used to belong to my husband's grandmother - a New Home model from the 1950s.  

I didn't even know how to thread a machine, but thankfully Grandma had kept the original instruction booklet which was just awesome and was pitched well for an absolute beginner.  I spent the next 18 months attempting a few projects to give me an excuse to use the machine, and I was very surprised to discover that I love sewing!  

I started with a simple kindle sock made from an old woollen jumper, then rather over-reached myself with a somewhat ambitious teepee design for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  I made bunting and took up curtains, and managed a couple of fancy dress designs for the kids.  However, as much as I LOVE Grandma's sewing machine (how it looks, how it feels, how it sounds, even how it smells(!), not to mention all the pristine accessories) I eventually had to admit that we did seem to have a few irreconcilable differences.  Barely a project went by without the air turning blue at some point!

So, when my darling hubby took me on an unexpected trip to the John Lewis haberdashery department just before my birthday this year I was delighted to become the new owner of a discounted Janome 7025.  

I haven't yet figured out all the functions, but it's given me the incentive to learn more about sewing and plan some projects.  I'd like to start making some simple clothes, but since I currently look like this:

that may have to wait a while!  Instead I've been working on some projects for the kids, and I may be able to fit in a couple of baby makes before my due date - I'm keen to make a wet bag and possibly a changing mat.  I'll also be trying to post about some of my completed projects to keep a record.

So - here's to New Year blogging resolutions!  

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