Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rapunzel Carnage!

We had a disaster the other morning involving a 3yr old, a disney princess and a bedside lamp.  I left my daughter in her bedroom for a few minutes brushing out Rapunzels tangled locks, and returned to find a singed doll, a mass of hair stuck smoking to the lightbulb, and my distressed daughter cowering on her bed.  We're very grateful - it could have been much worse.  Nobody was hurt, and there was a lot of smoke but no fire, but what a nightmare!

Emily was understandably upset by the whole incident, not least because Rapunzel was her favourite present from Father Christmas.  Thankfully Santa got to hear about it and sent Emily a new doll via Amazon!  So now we have long and short-haired Rapunzels - if only I could work out how to dye it brown!

Needless to say we got rid of the lamp.  We couldn't believe how hot the bulb got in such a short space of time. We're replacing it with one of these:

Peppa Pig Picnic Character Kool Lamp
by Spearmark

It's got me looking round the house to see if I can spot any other disasters waiting to happen.  Scary!

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