Saturday, 12 January 2013

Most recent make - Christmas presents!

With a new baby due imminently (which required us to buy a bigger car!) we decided we needed to have a lean Christmas this year.  We agreed with some of the rellies to buy presents for the children but to keep it small for the adults.  Perfect opportunity for the homemade gift!  Of course, the run up to Christmas is always hectic, and being preggers really slowed me down too, but I did manage to make a few of these sponge bags, almost in time for Christmas!  

I used fabric from my stash together with pieces of a discounted IKEA shower curtain for a waterproof inner layer.  I can honestly say that that stuff is a nightmare to work with!  Initially I just made up a very straight forward pattern based on a sponge bag I already own, using just an A4 piece of card as a template to cut out the pattern pieces and sewing a basic hem round the inside with right sides together.   This meant sewing with the pvc layers on the outside - arrgh!  They warped, slipped, slid, and generally misbehaved.  My seam ripper was working overtime.  I changed tack finally when I discovered a tutorial from Handmade Jane using a french seam.  It was soooo much better!  

These two were for my little ones using fabric from some of the other projects I have sewn for them.  So cute!

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