Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Favourite makes (Part 1) - Knitting Needle Case

When I sat down to Grandma's sewing machine two year's ago and thought about what to use it for, one of my first ideas was to make a needle case for my disorganised stash of knitting needles.  Shoved in a plastic bag all together they were a mess, and the more adventurous of them kept making holes in the bag to escape through!  Ah-ha, I thought, that would only involve sewing a few straight lines - an easy(ish) project!

I checked out a couple of tutorials on the web, such as this one and this one, and decided to combine a few details from each.  I was cautious about making it too thick with lots of layers as Grandma's sewing machine had a tendency to complain.  I cut out all the pieces (always the scary part for me) then spent a happy Mother's Day 2011 putting it all together, particularly special as this meant having several hours of 'me' time - unusual with two preschool age children.  Clearly daddy won brownie points that year! 

I was really happy with the finished product.  Using the tips from the tutorials it was fairly easy to put together, just a case of making sure the layers were sewn in the right order.  

Tidy needles make me happy!  Not bad for a bit of offcut from some Ikea curtains, and scraps from the duvet set I used for Emily's Teepee!

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