Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The urge to crochet!

Must be a new record for me.  I only finished my granny-square blanket on Sunday and I already have another project 'on the hook'!  So strong was the urge to crochet that I cast on (is that the right term, or is that just in knitting?!) another baby blanket.  Not that I need to make one - I was just desperate for something (anything) simple to crochet.  Perhaps I can put it down to the nesting instinct!

Check out that bump!  Something to rest my crochet on!

I said before that I have only recently taught myself to crochet.  This is mostly true, although I did make an attempt to learn in the past, only to give up in frustration.  Previously I had tried to make a blanket out of treble crochet stitch, but I found I had difficulty making a starting chain of the right gauge.  As a result my blanket would start out one size, only to get wider and wider and w-i-d-e-r!  After frogging and retrying it several times I eventually gave it up as a bad job.  

This time, after completing a successful project, I'm glad to say I started with more confidence.  I also went for a pattern with a little bit more structure, although still very simple.  I am trying my hand at a ripple or zig zag pattern I found on Ravelry*.  It was still a pain to started off, but very quickly became more solid and dependable after a couple of rows.  Now it is a dream to crochet!  Up the hill, increase over the top, down the hill, decrease through the valley - ahhhh!  So relaxing.  Almost couldn't put it down to go to bed last night!  This will now give me something crafty to do till the baby's born.  I have mostly given up my dreams for last minute sewing as I still haven't hit the haberdashery dept for all those necessary bits and bobs.  At least the crochet can slip easily into my hospital bag and come along for the ride!

*Ravelry is a free site for knitters and crocheters.  There are tons of patterns (many of them free) to browse and use, and you can build your own profile and record of your creations.  It's ace!  You can also see what projects friends are busy creating.  My Ravelry sign on is SuzySu if you want to look me up.  

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