Saturday, 26 January 2013


Having started well I have definitely been slacking off on the blog front over the last week.  I have been trying to get ready for the new arrival, but alas, not by sitting lovingly at the sewing machine and crafting!  I simply haven't had the energy to do the groundwork (measuring, cutting out, pinning, etc) for the projects I had in mind.  I also blame the snow!  We have had a lovely white week or two here in the midlands, which has only just started to thaw today.  As a now heavily pregnant woman I haven't felt confident venturing out in the snow and ice, so I haven't been able to browse sewing shops for the fabric, notions and other lovelies that I would need.  I have however had a number of very relaxing days with my hubby and kids out playing in the snow, when I have simply enjoyed the pleasure of a quiet house!  I have also been crocheting, and am on the last stage in finishing my crochet pram blanket, so I hope to blog about the final creation in the next day or two.  Just in time, as I only have a couple of weeks to go now!  

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