Saturday, 11 May 2013

S'all for charidee mate!

I spent the evening browsing sewing blogs yesterday and was inspired both by MMM'13 (Me Made May - in which sewists wear only/mainly/some of the clothes they have made throughout May) and Miss P's The Refashioners (a challenge issued to a number of sewists/bloggers to refashion a charity shop garment sent to them by Miss P).  Those folk have created some seriously lovely items by hacking up old clothes - I'm loving the make do and mend vibe!

I have been known to source my sewing fabrics from charity shops before (such as the bed sheet/duvet set I used to make Emily's Tee Pee) and this gave me the itch to get browsing again.  So, without delay I  dragged hubby off to have a mooch about Earlsdon high street.  Actually it didn't take too much dragging as he's partial to a bit of charity shop browsing himself, although he's generally on the lookout for books and records rather than fabric!  The double bonus was that we got to have not one but two cafe stop offs - made necessary by the demands of a rather hungry breastfed baby!  I have to just pause here to give a shout out to Loaf in Earlsdon, Coventry - an artisan bakery and fine tea shop - such a delightful and friendly place with a fabulous 1940's theme, bone china teacups and scrumptious cakes!  I'd def recommend it!!

So, back to the shopping, I spent about £13 and bought...

...a size 18 linen mix brown patterned M&S skirt, a pair of Anne Brooks Petite stretchy purple needle cord trousers, a men's Red Herring tiny floral print shirt with front pleats, and a pair of jeggings!

So, if you're interested to know what they will become then watch this space...

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