Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Quick summer refash - shirt to halterneck top

It's hot.  Pretty unusual for a British summer in recent years!  It was stiflingly hot yesterday and I couldn't find anything cool that I was happy wearing (post-pregnancy!) so I took a leaf out of the Refashionista's book and remodelled this shirt that I picked up at a charity shop recently (excuse the appalling photo - I really must clean the mirror if I'm going to take any more photos like this!):

To start with I went with a no-sew refashion - folding the collar in, doing the buttons up and tying the sleeves behind me.  I've only got one photo of it like this, but it's cute! 

Ahhhh!  My sweet baby!  Anyway, I decided that whilst this worked around the house, I was less confident wearing it out and about, so I got the scissors out.  First I cut off the collar and sleeves and unpicked the pockets.

I cut each sleeve in two lengthwise and made a long straight strap and a shorter angled strap out of each sleeve.

I was left with this shape for the body.  I ended up cutting off the two top bits as well leaving just the shoulder yoke (is that what it's called?) which I folded to the inside.  This is great as it adds a bit of extra thickness in the boob area!  

I folded the top over to make a band out of the surplus fabric on the front section.  I pinned the shorter angled straps behind this band and sewed it all down.

I cut the back panels down and hemmed them just above what would now be the top buttonhole.

I put the top on inside out, took the sides in and sewed them up, catching the long straps in the new side seams.

And that was it!  Here's what it looks like:

I love the halter - it feels very fifties, and the back strap means I feel secure knowing that it's not going to pop open if the button fails!  It also means I can tuck the halter straps in and wear it strapless if I want to.  

Of course Jon doesn't like it - he thinks I look like I'm wearing a tablecloth, but you can't win 'em all!  Jacob doesn't seem to mind though...

Enjoy the sunshine folks!

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  1. I love it!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! I'd definitely buy one if I saw it in the shops!!! Fantastic job!!!


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