Friday, 17 April 2015

On my sewing table...

I have projects to share but photography is holding me up at the moment, so in the meantime I thought I'd give a taste of what's on my sewing table.

The Easter holidays were great - I loved having the kids at home, and we had a fantastic week away at Spring Harvest too - but school holidays do not lend themselves to productive sewing!  Consequently I sent the children back to school this week and promptly set to with all the plans that have been stewing in my mind over the last few weeks.   I have had a big PDF sticking and fabric cutting session (not to mentioning seam ripping for my refashion) and now have the following projects on the go...

1)  Brindille & Twig free hoodie pattern.  I saw this on pattern on 'So Zo....What do you know?' and immediately headed to the Brindille & Twig blog to download it.  Zoe has made an adorable version for her daughter, and I could immediate envisage a whole range of hoodies I could make for Jacob.  For my first attempt I am reclaiming some double-sided microfleece from a huge Uniqlo zip up jacket that I wore whilst pregnant but am never likely to wear again.  I haven't yet decided whether to go with the beige or the dark brown, or even to mix the two.  It took some creative cutting to get all the pieces out of the available material, and I've had to do a bit of redesigning of the hood.

2)  Another Moss skirt!  I really can't get enough of these.  I have been wearing the two that I have made (one of which is yet to be blogged) almost back to back and I just love them.  This will be another denim version, but I plan to leave off the hem band, lengthen the main skirt pieces and, if I'm brave enough, topstitch in tan thread to mimic RTW denim skirts.

3)  Kelly skirt refashion.  A long while ago I made a Kelly skirt out of navy corduroy but never got around to blogging it.  I love the look of the Kelly skirt and all of the many versions I have seen around the net, and I was determined to get the pattern and make it up.   However.... I've had to admit that it just doesn't work for me. :-(  After making my version I wore it for a while, but although I loved the shape of it, the fabric and the button up front, my feeling about it overall was almost inexplicably just '...meh'.  I'm coming to the conclusion that skirts with a high, straight waistband are just not for me.  So, I have ripped it all apart and hope to use the panels to make up a new skirt using - you guessed it - the Moss skirt pattern as a guide.   This will mean cutting a new (curved) waistband and a yoke.  I'm still undecided over whether to leave in any of pleats.  It will probably be a case of trial and error with plenty of basting and seam ripping involved!

So, that should give me a fair bit to be getting on with.  What are your sewing plans?

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