Thursday, 4 June 2015

MMM'15 - Week 4 and beyond

It's June!  Here is my final roundup and thoughts about Me Made May '15.

Day 22 -  Indian Print topwhite viscose jersey vest topDenim Moss Jean Skirt, shop bought slinky cardi.

Day 23 - Purple Renfrew (unblogged), speckled knit skirt (to be blogged).  

Day 24 - Indian Print topwhite viscose jersey vest topAgatha cardispeckled knit skirt (to be blogged). 

Day 25 - Agatha cardishop bought stripey top (refashioned from Maternity top), Kelly/Moss mash up skirt.

Day 26 - Yellow Brick Road cardi, Denim Moss Jean skirt, shop bought sheer jersey top,  blue viscose jersey vest top.

Day 27 - Pashmina topblue viscose jersey vest topDenim Moss Jean skirt

Day 28 - Sweatshirt Renfrew, purple Renfrew (unblogged), refashioned jeans skirt (unblogged).

Day 29 - Purple Renfrew (unblogged), speckled knit skirt (to be blogged), shop bought hoodie.  

Day 30 - Indian Print topwhite viscose jersey vest topDenim Moss Jean SkirtFebruary Lady Sweater.

Day 31 - Pashmina topblue viscose jersey vest topYellow Brick Road cardi, speckled knit skirt (to be blogged).

So, there you have it!  Wow, am I glad to be done with the daily selfies!!!  Here are my thoughts:

  • I fulfilled my pledge to wear at least two handmade garments a day throughout May, and some days I managed more items, or a whole outfit.   
  • There were a few days when I found the challenge tricky, when I would probably otherwise have just thrown on whatever I was wearing the day before, but overall I'd say that it was a helpful exercise.  
  • I had to really think about what I was going to wear each day, and how I was going to mix up outfits a bit.  Also, I don't have any 'slobby' handmade clothes, so I felt fairly well dressed all month. 
      • I quickly realised which areas I am short on (tops!) which in turn helped me to push ahead with sewing plans. 
      • I don't have any trousers!!  This goes for shop bought as well - I'm not happy wearing any of my old jeans or trousers now, so perhaps that's something to work on (although the thought of making trousers is pretty daunting!).  
      • Overall I think I confirmed to myself that I have been managing to make 'wearable' clothes, things that I will choose to pick up and wear daily over other shop bought things I own.   Now that Me Made May has finished I don't think my daily wardrobe will change very much, although it will be nice not to have to think quite so hard about what to wear in the mornings!  
      • Thanks Zoe for a great challenge! 

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