Saturday, 2 May 2015

Me Made Roundup

Thought I'd better do a quick roundup of my handmade clothes in preparation for Me Made May '15.

6 handmade tops (4 Renfrews including 1 sweatshirt Renfrew, Esme Top, Sorbetto Top)
4 handmade/refashioned skirts (3 Moss Skirts, 1 refashioned jeans skirt)
1 pair handmade shorts (Maritime shorts [unblogged])
1 dress (Coco [unblogged])
3 handknitted cardigans (February Lady Sweater, Agatha, Yellow Brick Road cardigan)

That's the lot, excepting maybe one refashioned skirt that I seem to have misplaced but don't wear very much anyway.  Can I get through a whole month?  I feel a bit short on tops, which is a problem since all my sewing plans are revolving around skirts at the moment.  I might have to squeeze in a couple of quick top projects.  I have an unfinished Scout Tee that has sat on my sewing shelf for a long time.  MMM may give me the push I need to finish it!

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