Thursday, 14 May 2015

MMM'15 - Week 2

Day 8 - Sew Liberated Esme Top, February Lady Sweater, Denim Moss Jean Skirt.

Day 9 - Yellow Brick Road cardi, shop bought stripey top (refashioned from Maternity top), Kelly/Moss mash up skirt.

Day 10 - Agatha cardi, charity shopped stripey top, Kelly/Moss mash up skirt.

Day 11 - Yellow Brick Road cardi, Crazy print Renfrew, Denim Moss Jean skirt.

Day 12 - Agatha cardi, shop bought breton top, Kelly/Moss mash up skirt.

Day 13 - Purple Renfrew (unblogged), Sweatshirt Renfrew, Fatface PJ bottoms.

Day 14 - Turquoise Sorbetto (unblogged), refashioned jeans skirt (unblogged I think!), shop bought slouchy jumper

Wow, quite a lot of repeats this week, especially around the weekend when I was full of cold and lacking imagination!  No new makes yet to help fill the gaps - I'm still working on finding the time.  On Day 13 I spent most of the day in workout/running gear (I haven't yet tried making anything in that line), hence the slobby lounging clothes I changed into for the evening.

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