Thursday, 7 May 2015

MMM '15 - Week 1

My first year of joining Me Made May has started - hooray!  Here's my round up for week 1 - get ready for some terrible selfies! 

Day 2 - Purple Renfrew (unblogged), Sweatshirt Renfrew, Indigo Moss skirt.  

Day 4 - Shop bought T-shirt, Yellow Brick Road cardigan, denim Moss jean skirt

Day 5 - Purple Renfrew (unblogged), Indigo Moss skirt, shop bought hoodie.

Day 6 - Turquoise Sorbetto (unblogged), Maria Moss skirt, shop bought slouchy jumper.   

Day 7 - Agatha cardi, shop bought stripey T-shirt, Kelly-Moss mash up skirt (ready to be

Well, I'm sticking to my min. 2 garments a day, but this is turning out to be a little trickier than I had expected.  I definitely need more tops!  I may have to do some emergency sewing to fill that gap.

Happy Me Made May-ing everyone!

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